While others remain obediently in the port waiting for more convenient conditions, XO devours waves where whitecaps whip the aluminum and salt water spray the eyes. XO Boats’ mission is to build strong and reliable boats that maximize driving and user experience in rough conditions.

In 2009 established company is 100% Finnish owned. Boats are designed by Navia Design, where Jarkko Jämsén operates as the head of design. Rapidly growing XO Boats’ main market areas are the areas of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, of which harsh and varied conditions forms the optimal natural test laboratory.

Looking for new horizons?

We’re growing. We’re going to get what’s ours. We’re looking for new people who are willing to go out when others stay in port.

Business minded Sales Manager to drive Internationalization

This is XO

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Pulttitie 18
00880 Helsinki, Finland
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Dan Colliander
+358 50 342 9950
Ville Frost
Sales and Marketing Director
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Calle Nyman
Sales & Marketing Manager
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Mateusz Reksc
Production Manager
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